PCL Centennial Learning Centre

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Located at the PCL Corporate office, the Centennial Learning Centre is primarily for the professional development and training of the PCL family of companies. PCL Building 4A created additional office space to accommodate growth over the next few years. The building was being constructed on an accelerated schedule for both PCL's 100th year anniversary celebrations, and the immediate office space required. The projects consisted of a new dynamic, where PCL was the Owner and General Contractor. PCL was trying to meet LEED® Silver standards for the CLC.

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Project Features

  • LEED® Silver application
  • Aluminium clad ductwork at exposed ceilings
  • Drywall "clouds"
  • Natural lighting in most rooms
  • Large curtain wall clerestory
  • Three floors of high density office space
  • Easy remodelling with a modular design
  • Tie into existing occupied building
  • Exterior insulated structure
  • Accelerated scheduling

Baytek's Role

  • Drywall
  • Steel studs
  • Insulation
  • BaucoPlus access doors
  • EIFS stucco system
  • Interior stucco finishes
  • T-bar ceilings