As members of many of our industries leading associations, Baytek is heavily invested in advancing the construction industry. Baytek has grown to be one of the top drywall contractors in the Edmonton area and looks forward to working with you on your next project.


Baytek was founded in 2003, employing 15 site personnel and 2 office staff. As of 2008, Baytek employed 175 site personnel and 8 office staff thanks to a wealth of experience shared by many of our key members.

While the majority of Baytek's projects are centred in the Edmonton area, Baytek serves all of Northern Alberta and some Central Alberta communities. From Fort McMurray to Calgary, Lloydminster to Grand Prarie, Baytek has completed projects most urban Alberta areas. Our highly skilled workforce is able to construct the most complicated / largest projects with the highest of quality within the timeline required.

Common A.C.T.S. scopes include:
  • Drywall
  • Component Ceilings & Manufactured Acoustical Units
  • Lath, Plaster & Stucco
However, we are often asked to include items not normally within our scope. For large residential (>8000sqft), commercial, institutional, and industrial projects we hope that Baytek will be your first choice for all of the services we offer.

Industry Advancements

We are dedicated to creating a high quality product/service while minimizing costs to building owners. As a leader in our field, we attend seminars, courses and meetings to explore new products and construction methods that advance our industry.

With a shift of sociological ideals towards environmental conservation and regeneration, owners are becoming more demanding on how, and with what, buildings are being built with. To keep up with the changes, manufacturers must either revise or replace current products. As the LEED® rating system flourishes, environmental practices are becoming a defining characteristic between contractors. Baytek is often involved in the theory/testing/implementation stages of new products, helping to evaluate/standardize/utilize and suggesting improvements where required.

New materials and methods are not only restricted to the projects themselves; new software and computer systems are pointing the industry down a new path. Baytek is heavily involved in the advancement of new software products and the revision of outdated methods (i.e. the dramatic shift from paper to electronic documents over the past 10 years).


Having been awarded a Certificate of Recognition (COR) by the Alberta Construction Safety Association, Baytek is committed to safe work practices. Our staff members are regularly orientated to project specific requirements, as well as Baytek's personal safety policies and safe work procedures.

Our commitment to safety is reflected in the training we provide to our employees. We have an in house Safety Officer/Auditor, and WHIMS training/certification program. All of our superintendents / foremen are kept up to date in regards to Occupational Health and Safety standards, first-aid, and safe work practices. Employees requiring specialized training (lift tickets, confined space, etc.) are sent to courses as required.

Baytek's comprehensive safety regiment covers projects from large residential to industrial projects.